A VelocIT Partner Always Gets VIP Treatment – It’s Their Right


It is no secret that the leading consultants and developer-consultants offer a wide variety of solutions to their clients. With that in mind, it’s clear that the fastest way for you to grow your business is to partner with more ISVs (independent software vendors).

But, unfortunately, not all ISVs are created the same.

Let’s talk about how a VelocIT partner is given the VIP treatment – every day – because of VelocIT’s unique Partner Bill of Rights.

You Deserve a True Partnership with Your ISV

It takes a lot of work for your team to train on a new solution, add sales materials and content to your site, generate new invoice codes, market the solution to clients and, of course, negotiate partnership paperwork. But sometimes your hard work just doesn’t pay off.

The secret to success is to partner with the ISVs who don’t simply expect you to work for them, but who actively work with you to ensure that you have what you need to sell and support their product.

VelocIT is that partner.

10 Reasons to Become a VelocIT Partner

Here are the top reasons why it pays to be a VelocIT partner. We refer to this list as our Partner Bill of Rights.

  1. Transparent residual reporting

VelocIT provides clear residual reporting down to the interchange level, so partners can easily compare what they were told they would get with what they’re actually getting.

  1. Master developer support

VelocIT is a Master Developer and provides full support for partners on the product, meaning that partners can trust they’ll be able to meet their clients’ needs (from the simple ones to the difficult ones) with ease.

  1. Custom programming

VelocIT is happy to modify the solution to meet your clients’ custom programming needs, which improves your customer satisfaction levels and can significantly boost your selling potential.

  1. White-glove install and training

VelocIT takes care of everything for the partner: setup, custom programming, implementation, hardware integration, training, and more – ensuring a seamless experience for partner and client.

  1. Third-party ISV support

As a third-party ISV, VelocIT will collaborate with you on support, or we will lead and completely handle support – whichever you prefer. As we see it, partners should never view support requirements as a built-in burden to selling a solution.

  1. eCommerce integrations

VelocIT integrates with a range of popular eCommerce solutions for an easy shopping cart charge experience no matter what cart your clients prefer. We support over 300 eCommerce carts including Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, and CIMcloud, to name a few.

  1. Custom pricing

VelocIT handles the pricing for customers in a collaborative approach with the VelocIT partner. Much like a payment facilitator, we can customize pricing for your clients or provide a flat-rate offering. Our partners always have a hand in the final pricing model, just as it should be.

  1. Best in class P2PE security

VelocIT delivers best-in-class Point to Point Encryption security capabilities to ensure that cardholder data is protected during every stage in the transaction process, giving you and your clients peace of mind.

  1. Partners are respected

You work hard to meet your clients’ needs – and you should always benefit from the work you’ve put in. At VelocIT, we will never sell around a partner. We ask all customers who their partner is and make sure the reseller is compensated accordingly.

  1. Customers have freedom

With VelocIT, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your customers will have complete freedom to switch providers for any reason. We will never lock your clients in to a contract, and we will never charge any tricky liquidated damages or early termination fees either.

Enjoy the VIP Benefits of a True Partnership – Partner with VelocIT

Many ISVs seem to have forgotten that their contract with resellers forms a partnership. That means work will be done on both sides — ISV and consultant — and each party’s contribution will complement the skills of the other. One example of this is in the sales vs. support partnership, but we could have used many other examples.

You deserve a partner who works hard for you to boost your ongoing business success, just as good ISVs deserve partners like you who will work hard to sell the ISV’s solution to their clients. You deserve a rock-solid Partner Bill of Rights that makes the two-way relationship clear between you and your ISV. In other words: You’re a VIP. You shouldn’t have to do all the work.

With VelocIT, you’ll get the true partnership you deserve.


Learn How to Become a VelocIT Partner


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