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VelocIT Supported Payment Terminals

VelocIT provides several powerful terminals for accepting customer present payments. Whether you are looking to purchase a terminal, or rent one, we have an integrated payment solution that will make the check out process quick and easy.

Igenico iSC 250

Ingenico iSC Touch 250

Designed for use in demanding, multi-lane environments, the Ingenico iSCTouch 250 combines signature capture and touchscreen technologies in a robust, compact design and it comes with a Cat-5 ethernet cable and power supply. This device is powered by Bolt, which means it secures all transactions with point-to-point encryption (P2PE) and EMV acceptance, for reduced PCI-DSS scope.

Ingenico iPP350

Ingenico iPP 350/320

Robust and optimized for quick checkout, the Ingenico iPP350 is the perfect plug-and-play device for fast-paced retail environments. Complete with color display, its compact design takes up very little counter space, can be handled easily and comes with a Cat-5 ethernet cable and power supply. The iPP320 is a black and white version with a slightly smaller screen.

Ingenico iSMP4

Ingenico iSMP4

The Igenico iSMP4 is sleek, secure and accepts all payment types. Its lightweight design and WiFi connectivity makes it easy to process payments on the go, allowing you to reduce checkout lines and enhance the overall customer experience.

Feature Rich Terminals to Help You Accomplish More

Payment terminals from VelocIT support multiple payment processes, including swipe, dip, and tap – making it easy for your customers to check out quickly and efficiently.

VelocIT Swipe


VelocIT Dip


VelocIT Tap


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