A Lifelong Love of Computers Has Its Rewards for this Acumatica Developer MVP


Here at VelocIT Business Solutions, we are pleased to announce that our very own Chief Technology Officer, Shawn Burt, has been named an Acumatica Developer MVP for 2021.

“It is a great honor to be named an Acumatica Developer MVP and to join the ranks of other prominent developers who have been the recipients of this prestigious award in the past.”  – Shawn Burt, Chief Technology Officer at VelocIT

What Is an Acumatica Developer MVP?

Acumatica Developer MVPs are recognized annually for their deep knowledge and experience with the Acumatica cloud ERP software and cloud xRP platform. But this award demonstrates more than simply knowledge, it also shows that the recipient has gone above and beyond by contributing consistently and selflessly to the greater Acumatica Community.

MVPs, such as Shawn, are typically known throughout the Acumatica Community because they connect with so many users to provide advice and encouragement freely.

Shawn’s History with Computers Leads to Latest Accomplishment

This is no new industry for Acumatica Developer MVP Shawn Burt, who has been working with computers since elementary school, during the early days of the Apple II, Commodore, and IBM PC. He started programming in Basic and C/C++ and made the transition to modern, object-oriented programming in the 90s.

While he was on the .NET Framework Beta team, he wrote his first .NET apps with Visual Studio 2001, and he has since gained extensive development experience in various industries.

Shawn’s specialties include:

  • Banking
  • Medical
  • Civil Engineering
  • General Accounting
  • And, of course, ERP systems

For nearly 14 years, he has spearheaded and designed creative development solutions for a range of clients in his own IT business endeavors, and for the past 3 years, VelocIT has been lucky to have him as our Chief Technology Officer. One of Shawn’s biggest tasks is creating and maintaining the Credit Card module for VelocIT.

It was only 5 years ago that Shawn started working with Acumatica Cloud ERP, and he has since moved swiftly up the ranks in knowledge and experience – culminating in what is surely only one of many future recognitions within the Acumatica Community.

Shawn will be attending this year at Acumatica Summit in Las Vegas, so stop by Booth #8 to chat with this Acumatica Developer MVP about computers or his other interests, including DJing and gardening.

Work with the All-Star Team at VelocIT Business Solutions

Shawn is just one member of the outstanding team at VelocIT Business Solutions, the experts behind the VelocIT Connect advanced payment solution for Acumatica.

VelocIT Business Solutions is a custom software development firm specializing in advanced payment solutions, point of sale, and ERP software customization. As an Acumatica certified application developer and integration developer, we will design, build, and customize your next Acumatica project.


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