Customer Validated Application Badge Is Second Acumatica Honor for VelocIT in H1 2019


VelocIT Business Solutions, a custom software development firm specializing in advanced payment solutions, point of sale, and ERP software customization, today announced that they have earned the Acumatica Customer Validated Application badge. This badge recognizes the VelocIT Connect application as one that has met high standards for customer approval in the Acumatica marketplace.

Acumatica Customer Validated Application badges are awarded only to applications that have been implemented, customer approved, and actively used in a production site. This rare recognition is the second honor VelocIT has received from Acumatica thus far in 2019, following their January announcement that they had received the Acumatica Certified Application distinction.

“We are honored to have received these two back-to-back recognitions from the Acumatica development team and we are pleased to have independent confirmation that the VelocIT Connect solution is delivering true customer satisfaction,” said Jeremy Burt, CEO at VelocIT. “These two distinctions demonstrate to us that our strategy of introducing new, cutting-edge features at regular intervals is effectively meeting our clients’ ever-evolving needs.”

VelocIT’s badges were issued by the Acumatica ISV Solution Certification Program, which oversees the many developers creating applications for the popular Cloud ERP. The ISV Solution Certification Program was introduced by Acumatica in Q3 2017 as a rigorously tested quality assurance program for Acumatica-integrated applications and, to date, only 17 applications have received the distinction of receiving both badges.

VelocIT is now part of the Paya family!

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