Fast bank deposit for credit card transactions sets VelocIT apart


VelocIT Connect has added bank deposit automation for VelocIT Connect customers using Acumatica. This streamlines credit card transaction reconciliation in Acumatica.

With VelocIT Connect, businesses can quickly and easily load their credit card transactions into deposits, saving hours of accounting time. Many card processors make this task difficult and laborious by providing only batch deposit totals, which require your accounting staff to manually reconcile each transaction by referring to supplementary transaction documentation.

“Automation is one of the most critical reasons that growing businesses invest in an ERP yet for some reason Bank Deposit is rarely addressed. It can be surprisingly hard to find payment processing companies that support and streamline credit card transaction reconciliation for Acumatica,” said Jeremy Burt, CEO at VelocIT. “This important capability in VelocIT Connect removes the friction from the credit card transaction reconciliation process.”

During the pandemic when many businesses switched primarily to credit card sales to support eCommerce or contactless payments, accounting departments were increasingly forced to waste significant time manually matching credit card transactions.

One of the selling points for Acumatica is its flexibility and scalability. That scalability can quickly translate to confusion and manual processes if every integrator is not handling their data end-to-end. Bank deposit automation was a spot neglected by most, and VelocIT is capitalizing on further helping its clients simplify their process.

“We are pleased to say that the credit card bank deposit capabilities from VelocIT have returned the experience of speedy, simple transaction matching for Acumatica,” said Burt. “This will be a life saver for busy accounting departments.”


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