VelocIT Shipping Link for Sage 100cloud

VelocIT Shipping Link for Sage 100cloud streamlines your shipping process by:

    • Transferring pertinent shipping data seamlessly and automatically from Sage 100 to UPS OnLine WorldShip or FedEx Ship Manager
    • Transferring shipping data and freight costs back to Sage 100 from UPS OnLine WorldShip or FedEx Ship Manager so you can easily invoice customers for actual shipping costs
    • Providing real-time access to shipment tracking data in Sage 100 so you can easily respond to customer inquires with the most up-to-date and accurate shipping status
    • Providing powerful tools that allow you to combine multiple Sales Orders into a single package or packages (up to 20 per shipment)

Companies who use VelocIT Shipping Link realize these additional benefits:

    • Reducing time and errors that result from double entry of shipping information in multiple systems
    • Quickly calculating shipping costs based on pre-defined shipping zones, weight, and shipping methods
    • Viewing UPS tracking numbers from within Sage 100
    • Easily accessing real-time tracking data from within Sage 100
    • Easily including shipping information on reports and forms using Crystal Reports



  • Integrates Sage 100cloud Sales Order with UPS Online WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manager
  • Allows you to ship multiple Sales Orders in the same package or packages
  • Integrates with Sales Order Entry, Sales Order Shipping Data Entry and Sales Order Invoice Data Entry
  • Displays tracking information instantly
  • Simplifies freight charges during invoicing

What Can This System Do for Me?


  • Sage 100cloud Sales Order data is instantly exported to UPS Online WorldShip or FedEx Ship Manager when the Accept button is clicked. This includes all Sales Order Data Entry information, such as customer number, shipping address, shipping method (e.g. Next Day Air), and more.
  • UPS Online WorldShip or FedEx Ship Manager data automatically sends shipping data back to Sage 100. This provides real-time access to all pertinent UPS Online WorldShip and FedEx Ship Manager information in Sage 100, such as shipping method, freight charges, miscellaneous charges, package weight, and more.
  • Easily assign freight charges to invoices on-the-fly in Sage 100. During Sales Order Invoice Entry, Sage 100 look-ups allow you to select the packages and corresponding freight charges from UPS Online WorldShip or FedEx Ship Manager.
  • Easily look up packages where you expect in Sage 100 with access to Package Detail Inquiry. This includes Sage 100 Invoice History Inquiry, Invoice Data Entry, Sales Order History Inquiry, and more.
  • Access tracking data quickly and easily in Sage 100. Click “Tracking” to immediately view package tracking details, such as delivery date and time, or shipment alerts, and delays.
  • View real-time tracking data anywhere and anytime. Access real-time tracking data online or view real-time tracking data within Sage 100.