It’s Easy to Use Credit Cards with Sage 100 – See How!

One of the best things about Sage 100cloud is the application’s ability to meet small business’s exact needs for customization, configuration, and personalization. One of the first options many business owners customize is their credit card payment gateway, so they can cash in on the benefits of Level 3 processing, next-day funding, and secure new technologies including tokenization and EMV terminals.

Companies looking for a great way to use credit cards with Sage 100cloud have found the right resource, because VelocIT has released a handy video series that walks you through all the details of the advanced payment integration system that’s seamlessly integrated with Sage 100cloud.

Check out the video series here – or read on to get a breakdown of what you’ll learn when you watch the videos and see how to use credit cards with Sage 100cloud.

  • Get an Overview of VelocIT Connect

See how VelocIT Connect redirects your stock Sage 100cloud credit card functionality to your chosen gateway when you watch the brief, 50-second installation video. Just click “Overview” (video #1) to see more.

  • Learn How to Access and Configure Your Settings for Credit Card Processing

Curious to see a fast walkthrough on how to configure and understand your settings options in VelocIT Connect? In less than a minute flat, video #2, “Tray Information,” gets you the details on how to set up your system to handle Level 3, receiving, and more.

  • Find Out What Happens on the Back End When You Use Credit Cards with Sage 100cloud

Get the facts on VelocIT PCI compliance and how the solution securely handles credit card number storage in the clear, 37-second video, “Conversion of Existing CC Information” (video #3).

  • Discover How to Activate Your Payment Gateway in Sage 100cloud

One of the best features of VelocIT Connect for Sage 100cloud is that the solution is embedded right within your Sage 100cloud system, so it’s easy to manage and use. Find out where to find the solution in your ERP and see how easy it is to activate the advanced payment solution for your company when you watch video #4, “Customer Setup and Credit Card Activation.

See More of the VelocIT Connect System

Part 2 of this series will be coming soon, so keep a lookout for that – or subscribe to our blog and get the updates directly in your inbox. While you’re waiting for the next post, you can learn more about VelocIT Connect and how to use credit cards with Sage 100cloud by getting in touch with the VelocIT payment processing experts.

VelocIT offers free terminals, free installations, free support, more than 400 extended solutions for Sage 100cloud, a responsive in-house development team of Sage Master Developers, and new, handy features that we release (for free!) every few months.

If you’re ready to get more benefits when you use credit cards with Sage 100cloud, and you’re ready to save time and money with your credit card processing gateway options, you’re ready to Contact VelocIT. We look forward to speaking with you.

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