Cloud-Based Terminals Ease Business Processes and Promote Customer Satisfaction


VelocIT Connect now delivers NFC Contactless Cloud EMV terminals that integrate seamlessly with Sage 100cloud and Acumatica.

NFC, or “near field communication” is the technology behind the “Tap & Pay” contactless credit card transactions that have soared in popularity since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. EMV is the “chip card” technology driving more security across the credit card payments industry and reducing merchant liability.

“Customers today are understandably wary about touching heavily used credit card terminals and increasingly prefer to use tap-style credit card payments,” said Jeremy Burt, CEO of VelocIT. “With the latest terminals available for VelocIT Connect, businesses finally have the freedom to provide that flexibility for their customers.”

The VelocIT terminals are also cloud connected, meaning that business leaders can quickly and easily apply software updates to all terminals at once and bypass the hassle of compiling data from separate terminals. All the terminals securely and seamlessly transmit their data directly to Acumatica or Sage 100cloud in real time. Cloud connectivity is especially useful for businesses that use multiple terminals.

“By switching to terminals that support contactless NFC and chip-card EMV payments, as well as cloud-connected processing, small to midsized businesses with one or multiple point of sale operations can maintain full confidence that they are handling customer payments with the most modern, secure technology available,” said Burt.


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