Recoup Margins and Profits by Reducing Credit Card Merchant Fees to Zero


Merchant fees are the percentages your business pays for the privilege of accepting credit cards. If your company accepts credit cards, you know how quickly those “small” charges can add up and take a big bite out of your profits.

Little-known fact: Your business is not required to pay those charges!

Register for the VelocIT Zero Fee Merchant Processing webinar on December 8, 2020 at 1:00 PM Eastern Time to discover your options when it comes to credit card merchant fees.


Why Merchant Fees Are Under Attack

With the recent digital commerce changes in the marketplace, as well as the national coin shortage, many businesses have seen their income shift overnight from a balanced cash and card model to a nearly 100% card model. This sudden shift has impacted revenues for many companies – perhaps yours as well.

At this point, do you feel that this change has impacted your business enough for you to begin charging your customers credit card fees? Many of your customers will understand the reasons for these charges and why you might need to start passing along those charges to them.

If you feel that now is the right time to start charging your customers credit card fees, you are not alone. The credit card processing experts at VelocIT have been speaking to more and more customers who are asking for this capability.

That is why VelocIT, in partnership with SWK Technologies, is hosting an in-depth webinar that explains your options with credit card fees for Sage 100 and Acumatica, and how you can manage your own surcharge in a compliant manner.

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Zero Fee Merchant Processing May Be Your Solution

Businesses that run credit cards have always had options for addressing the cost that it takes to accept credit cards. Until now, most organizations have simply accepted credit card merchant fees as “the cost of doing business” but many leaders feel that those costs are getting out of hand.

Instead of simply accepting that credit cards cost your business money, you can choose alternate options:

  • Zero Fee Processing

In this option, your company would charge the customer the full total of the credit card fees. In effect, this means your organization enjoys credit card convenience with zero fees.

  • Flat Rate Processing

If passing the fees on to your customers isn’t a good fit, but you want a simple budget number to know what you will pay for credit card acceptance, then flat rate processing is your option. With our interchange optimization we can offer the lowest flat rates in the industry. As always, our Sage100 integration is free.

Both of these options require close communication with your payment integration solution provider, such as VelocIT, who must report on the amount charged, the surcharge (fee) collected, and round any errors.


Discover More in the Zero Fee Merchant Processing Webinar

Curious to learn more and find out how much your organization could save? Get the facts on zero fee merchant processing in the in-depth webinar hosted by VelocIT and SWK Technologies.


Webinar Details
VelocIT Zero Fee Merchant Processing
December 8, 2020
1:00 – 2:00 PM, Eastern
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Get the facts on:

  • Zero fee and flat rate processing options
  • Cash discount and surcharge compliance
  • Features and benefits of VelocIT Connect for Sage 100 and Acumatica

The live webinar will also provide you with the chance to ask key questions that apply to your specific situation.

Are you ready to take back your profits from credit card merchant fees? Then you are ready to attend the webinar on Zero Fee Merchant Processing.


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