Want Easier Credit Card Processing with Sage 100cloud?

You’ve Got It!


Sage 100cloud offers a lot of benefits for small business owners, but one of the biggest benefits of the business management software is its flexibility. For instance, did you know that with just a simple change, you can experience faster, easier credit card processing with Sage 100cloud?

See how much easier credit card processing with Sage 100cloud can be when you check out the video series from VelocIT Connect. Part 1 covers the basics of installation and setup with VelocIT, along with what happens on the back end when you process credit cards. Part 2 discusses how you can reduce your liability and enjoy cost-saving benefits with VelocIT.

Get the rest of the details here in Part 3 and keep a look out for more great videos in the future!

  • Learn How to Enter and Edit Credit Cards

Get a walkthrough on how to set up your credit card billing and find out how to update card expiration dates in video #5, “Company Activation and Set Up.” Don’t miss this one – it has important information on ISO codes.

  • Want to Enter a Credit Card During the Sales Order Process? Watch This.

Customer service these days is all about speed. Watch video #6, “Sales Order Credit Card Entry” to see how quickly, seamlessly, and securely you can enter a credit card during the Sales Order process.

  • See How to Delete or Void Orders and Pre-Authorizations

It’s easy to delete or void orders and pre-auths with VelocIT Connect. Watch video #7, “Manipulating the Credit Card Entry” to find out more.

  • Find Out How VelocIT Integrates with Your Sage 100cloud Invoices

Seamless integration in VelocIT Connect makes it a breeze to post your order all the way through invoicing. See how it works in video #8, “Posting the Sales Invoice.”

  • Check Out How to Process Credit Cards from Cash Receipts Entry

Whether you want to process cards using an already existing invoice or enter a pre-payment, VelocIT Connect will automatically bring in credit card information and instantly give you a transaction ID. See how it works in video 9, “Cash Receipts.”

  • Learn How to View Settlement Reports and Validate Info

It’s important to validate the information on your gateway and your system, and VelocIT offers fully customizable Crystal Reports to make validation a snap. Learn more in video 10, “Settlement Reports and Wrap-Up.”

VelocIT Offers More Than Just Easier Credit Card Processing with Sage 100cloud

Many small business owners are surprised to discover the many benefits that await them when they choose a third-party credit card processing solution instead of the stock Sage offering.

By taking advantage of VelocIT, a leading credit card processing solution for Sage 100cloud, you can:

  • Cash in on lower rates using Level 3 processing
  • Get paid faster with next-day funding
  • Reduce your liability with secure new technologies including tokenization and EMV terminals

Best of all, VelocIT offers free terminals, free installations, free support, more than 400 extended solutions for Sage 100cloud, a responsive in-house development team of Sage Master Developers, and new, handy features that we release (for free!) every few months.


Contact VelocIT, so you can find out how to achieve easier credit card processing with Sage 100cloud, while saving time and money with your credit card processing gateway options.

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