VelocIT Business Solutions is the developer behind VelocIT Connect PaaS (Payment as a Service), the Acumatica Customer Validated and Acumatica Certified Application that provides flexible and secure P2PE advanced payment processing with hosted tokenization. If you’re an Acumatica developer interested in partnering with a payment processing company, contact   

Acumatica DevCon 2021 is finally here, and the payment processing experts at VelocIT are proud to be a sponsor for this important developer-focused event.

This year, VelocIT is excited to announce impressive partner benefits for our developer community, as well as 2 great solutions that make payment processing easier than ever.

We can help you do your work more efficiently and profitably, so let’s talk during or after the virtual conference.


Who Is VelocIT?

VelocIT Business Solutions is a custom software development firm specializing in advanced payment solutions, offering the latest P2PE certified payment devices and advanced hosted tokenization security. VelocIT Connect PaaS (Payment as a Service), our flexible payment processing solution integrated with Acumatica ERP, is an Acumatica Customer Validated Application and an Acumatica Certified Application.

Of course, a flexible and robust payment processing tool is always a great find for Acumatica users… but knowledgeable developers stand to gain even more benefits than users. Why? Because partnership with VelocIT gives developers the power to transform the VelocIT Connect PaaS solution into increased business benefits for you.


Why Developers Should Partner with VelocIT

The VelocIT team is happy to open up our systems to responsible developers who have a clear need to modify our solution and want to benefit from their involvement.

In other words, we’re happy to work with Acumatica developers like you – and, in return, you will get big benefits through working with us.

Here are some examples:

  • Power to bundle related VelocIT services for enhanced revenue opportunities
  • Ability to bundle VelocIT with other services for discount options
  • Freedom to customize our product for your needs and gain support on a variety of gateways

In addition, we are now offering great, new features that customers love, including our online payment portal Click2Pay, which supports payments directly through the invoice.


We Can Do More Than Sell You Our Solution. A Lot More.

A few important points:

  • There is no cost for Acumatica developers to become VelocIT partners.
  • VelocIT partnership offers you the opportunity to monetize your solutions on our platform.

Simply put, VelocIT adds value to your business.

Not sure if you have a need to customize VelocIT for your needs? It’s still worth it to partner with the VelocIT team because referral partners have a buy rate that they can leverage to sell VelocIT Connect processing services and enjoy a recurring revenue share.

As you can see, there’s a lot to gain and literally nothing to lose by partnering with VelocIT as an Acumatica developer. When you partner with VelocIT, you will increase the flexibility and opportunity you have as an Acumatica developer.

Are you ready to get started?


Let’s have a discussion and see where it takes us.

VelocIT is now part of the Paya family!

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