Companies using VelocIT Connect for Acumatica Process Payments Faster


VelocIT Connect has added Click2Pay payments to Quote documents in Acumatica with automatic payment posting to Sales Order. This streamlines Sales Order payment processing for VelocIT Connect customers using Acumatica.

The unique Click2Pay one-click payment method in VelocIT Connect empowers businesses to capture payments directly from Quote documents and automatically apply those payments when they create a related Sales Order. This enhances standard Acumatica functionality, which does not allow for payments during the Quote process.

“By placing an online payment option within the Quote document, businesses can complete orders with greater efficiency,” said Jeremy Burt, CEO of VelocIT. “Businesses now have the power to receive payment at the same time a Quote is approved, resulting in increased customer satisfaction, because the order can be processed more quickly and with fewer touches.”

Once the payment is collected in the Quote document, VelocIT Connect automatically applies that payment to the Sales Order when it is generated. The process is seamless, fast, and effortless, and simplifies Accounts Receivable tasks for the Accounting department.

“A seamless solution that enables companies to take charge and collect payments at Quote approval is just one of the many benefits of choosing VelocIT Connect for Acumatica,” said Burt. “We are deeply committed to helping our clients process payments faster.”

CRM Quote functionality is coming soon! Please check back for updates to learn when this feature will be available.


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