Click2Pay Automates and Secures the Payment Process for Acumatica


When it comes to accepting credit card payments at your company, you have two options: the hard way or the easy way.

Strangely, although most busy people would instantly choose the easier way to do things, many small business leaders are still processing credit cards the hard way.

That’s because they don’t know about Click2Pay, the customer initiated payment solution from the payment processing experts at VelocIT.

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What Is Click2Pay?

Easy to use and quick to implement, Click2Pay simplifies the process of accepting credit card and ACH payments by putting the purchasing power into the customer’s hands.

Check out this video for an instant, fun overview of how it works:



Who Uses Click2Pay?

If you run your business on Acumatica Cloud ERP, you’ll be pleased to know that you can simplify your payment processes with Click2Pay.

That’s because the convenient customer initiated payment solution fully integrates with your ERP, making it a breeze to instantly bill your customers, accept payments from them around the clock, and sync their payment data back into your financial system.

Because the convenient solution automates the process, all the hard work of collecting payments will suddenly become effortless for you – as well as more secure and more affordable.

Of course, the integrated payment solution isn’t just for you, it’s also for your customers. That’s why it was crafted to have:

  • A portal-like customer experience
  • A complete payment history
  • The ability to save multiple payment options

All of those features, and more, make Click2Pay one of the best solutions around for customer service.


High-Tech Features, Built In

The easy-to-use, customer initiated payment solution holds additional benefits for small business owners because it works with the VelocIT Connect solution. VelocIT Connect offers the latest in cutting-edge security and cost savings.

  • More cost effective. VelocIT Connect provides automatic interchange optimization for all its users, which can lower your rates by up to 35% with no extra effort or investment on your part. With VelocIT, you get all the right terminals and all the right software to take advantage of lower-cost Level 3 Processing when available – simply because you chose the right payment provider.
  • More secure. VelocIT Connect supplies the latest in secure payment processing technology, including tokenization and P2PE. This keeps your customers’ data hidden from the prying eyes of cybercriminals, and also keeps your company protected from the non-compliance dangers your competitors face with their payment services solutions.


Choose the Easy Way

Ensure that your credit card and ACH payment processing is speedy, secure, and satisfying for customers (and your staff!) when you choose to implement Click2Pay and VelocIT Connect.

Only VelocIT provides:

  • Free terminals
  • Free installation
  • Free support
  • Free, new releases every few months
  • Next-day (12-hour) funding
  • Simple conversion and training
  • Custom development
  • 360-degree transaction views
  • Reporting options
  • And more…

And only VelocIT offers the time-saving, automated Click2Pay customer initiated payment solution that can help your company accept payments around the clock.


Ready to grow with an automated solution that makes credit card and ACH processing easy? Contact VelocIT to learn how quickly you can get your system up and running.


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