Looking for the Tried-and-True, Certified Payment Solution for Acumatica? You’ve Found It.


Business owners typically choose Acumatica ERP for its cutting-edge software; low CapEx; and impressive level of flexibility for users, deployments, and add-ons. In fact, these are probably the reasons you chose Acumatica for your business.

However, since you chose Acumatica for its flexibility, low cost, and competitive capabilities, we’re curious about something: Why are you still using the built-in option for payments in Acumatica? Wouldn’t you rather use a cutting-edge and flexible certified payment solution for Acumatica that can save you money?

In other words, wouldn’t you rather use VelocIT?

What Is VelocIT?

VelocIT Connect is a certified payment solution for Acumatica ERP that gives your business the modern payment capabilities you need to increase your margins while still charging competitive prices in your industry.

The solution is fully PCI compliant with P2PE (point to point encryption) that meets today’s business needs, and it also offers a wide range of added benefits that can save your business money and make the process of accepting and managing credit card payments much easier.

With VelocIT, you’ll enjoy:

  • Next-day funding

With VelocIT, you get paid faster, so you can finally say goodbye to that excruciating three-day wait for funding.

  • Level 3 optimization

Since VelocIT can extract and transmit the extensive line-item detail required for Level 3 processing, your business can benefit from reduced interchange rates and savings of up to a full percentage point on your payment processing (a 30% savings!).

  • Modern terminals

Today’s secure terminals lead to less risk for your business, but some payment solutions don’t have the capabilities to support the new technologies that allow for convenient tap and dip payments. VelocIT does.

  • Tokenization

The fewer places a credit card number is stored, the better. That’s why VelocIT supports tokenization, which replaces sensitive credit card numbers with non-sensitive character strings that provide added protection for your business while still offering you the ability to process recurring payments.

  • Free services and hardware

Only VelocIT offers free terminals, free installation, free support, and an in-house development team that works every day developing exciting, new, free features that make your payment solution even better.

Is VelocIT Integrated with Acumatica?

As we mentioned earlier, VelocIT is a certified payment solution for Acumatica, which means that it’s not only integrated with Acumatica, it’s actually endorsed by the Acumatica development team as an outstanding solution that meets the highest standards for Acumatica integration and functionality.

Put another way, that means that VelocIT Connect is so well integrated with Acumatica ERP that it acts like a seamless part of your Acumatica system, and always will.

If you’re looking for an Acumatica-certified payment solution that increases security for your credit card transactions, reduces your credit card processing costs, and offers free hardware and services — and even comes with free support! — you’ve just found your solution.

Learn More about VelocIT Connect, the Certified Payment Solution for Acumatica

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Contact the experts at VelocIT to get more information about the certified payment solution for Acumatica, and to learn what VelocIT can do for your business. We look forward to talking with you.

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