Credit Card Processing Doesn’t Have to Be So Costly!


Accepting credit cards at your business is a bit like paying taxes at your business… both are necessary, but both have costs that make you cringe. Here at VelocIT, we can help lower at least one of those costs.

Let’s talk about the three ways you can save on credit card processing with VelocIT.


First, What Is VelocIT?

If you’re running Sage ERP, Acumatica, Oracle, JD Edwards, QuickBooks, or SAP and you’re still relying on the stock credit card processing functionality that came with your ERP / accounting software, you need to hear about VelocIT.

VelocIT is an advanced payment solution that utilizes today’s most modern and secure methods for credit card processing, helping you efficiently and affordably accept a wide range of payment cards anywhere and anytime ­– online, in person, or over the phone.

VelocIT’s in-house team of Master Developers works hard to release new, cutting-edge payment processing tools and features every few months – all so you can lower your credit card processing costs, maintain regulatory requirements, and ease the overall credit card acceptance process.

How do they do this? With a combination of rock-solid security, killer features, and comprehensive support.

Now, let’s talk about those savings.


Credit Card Processing with Rock-Solid Security

Almost everyone uses some form of payment card today, such as a consumer card, a charge card, a purchasing card, or corporate card, and thieves have long since figured this out. In response to the threats of hacking, card theft, skimming, and other forms of credit card fraud, issuing banks and regulatory agencies have made it easy for purchasers to reverse or dispute charges, but merchants like you are stuck footing the bill for these consumer protections.

In our last post, we talked about interchange fees and interchange optimization, and how the cost you pay to run a transaction can be lowered by showing the card-issuing banks that your transactions carry a lower risk of fraud. VelocIT helps reduce your fraud risk by increasing your security.

Here are some of the security features that VelocIT offers:

  • Bolt P2PE

Peer-to-peer encryption (P2PE) provides end-to-end encryption as credit card numbers pass through your system, so hackers can’t steal numbers in transit.

  • Tokenization

By protecting credit card numbers with unbreakable randomization, hackers won’t be able to get at your stored and processed credit card numbers.

  • Card Present EMV

New chip-based credit card technology can deliver more security for credit card transactions, which is why VelocIT’s free POS terminals work seamlessly with EMV (chip) cards.


Killer Features That Make Credit Card Processing a Breeze

Today’s omnichannel sales environment means merchants have to be ready to accept credit card payments anywhere and at any time (and refund those payments anywhere and anytime), which is why VelocIT provides flexible and robust processing functionality across a range of payment acceptance environments.

Not only do VelocIT’s flexible features help you take advantage of more selling opportunities, they also help you save on transactions. You’ll get free terminals, simplified eCommerce integration, and included interchange optimization on every transaction you run, everywhere.

Here are just a few of VelocIT’s great features:

  • Email Invoicing

Click2Pay for Acumatica users makes it easy to include a secure online payment link you can place in an email or web portal.

  • BIN-based Interchange Optimization

Using data-packed Bank Identification Numbers (BINs), you can lower your interchange rates by an average of 25% with Level 2 & 3 processing.

  • eCommerce Integration

VelocIT links seamlessly to a wide range of today’s most popular shopping carts and eCommerce platforms, so you and your staff can process transactions online effortlessly.

  • Multi-location Credit Card Processing

In the field, at multiple stores, or online, VelocIT’s payment solutions work wherever you are, always securely and seamlessly.

  • Split-tender Functionality

Sage 100cloud / Sage 100 users can process split-tender transactions with greater efficiency using the integrated FlexiSuite solution supported by VelocIT.


Comprehensive Support for Credit Card Processing

As a business leader, you already know that change can be expensive. When you add up training costs, installation fees, hidden support charges, and pricey add-ons, the numbers can get, well, surprising.

Here, at VelocIT, savings really do mean savings because the VelocIT difference provides:

  • Free terminals
  • Free installation
  • Free support
  • Free, new releases every few months
  • More than 400 extended solutions for Sage 100cloud
  • Next-day (12-hour) funding
  • Simple conversion and training
  • Custom development
  • 360-degree transaction views
  • Reporting options
  • And more…

Experience the VelocIT Difference

If you’re still relying on stock, built-in credit card processing functionality for your ERP or accounting solution, you can do a lot better.

It’s time you experienced the impressive savings, true security, and overall ease of use that you can get when you work with VelocIT.


Contact VelocIT to learn more about your credit card processing options and to find out how much your business can save.


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